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got a reco'd fpr installed which is missing the 87h - heated oxygen sensor pin that my original fpr does have...

since then 'red' has been idling / driving quite rough, slow (slight delay) in accelerating and is using considerably more fuel than it used to...

here's a couple of pix of both sides of old fpr and having read here how easily they can be 'fixed / resoldered' i thought i'd have a shot at it...

problem, , , i'm a newbie at any type of car work though fairly good with common sense and hands


a) are my current symptoms caused by reco'd fpr which is missing the 87h pin (and if you're patient and know: why do some fpr's not have all the pins - in particular the heated oxygen sensor?)

b) looking at the pix of the original / faulty fpr, do you see any particular problem at any given point, , , can i clean / resolder / fix or should i leave it to a 'shop'?

i'd love to fix the faulty one and re-install in 'red' in the hope that it will restore it to it's original smooth and swift condition :)

kindest thanks in anticipation :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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