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More Convertible Woes

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Hello all,

I have a 2002 slk 320. I am having some roof trouble similar to what a lot of you have previously posted about. Took the top down for the day, when I tried to put it back up trunk opened up fine but the top did not move. I tried it again 10 minutes later and it worked as normal.

Today I tried to take the top down. The trunk moves fine, all windows move as they should but thetop doesn't budge. It seems like it is still latched. No blinking lights. The "motor" keeps going as though it is trying to pull it down. There is even some slight jerking as it tries to pull against the latched top at first.

I am guessing the problem is a microswitch somewhere.

I looked through the older posts, but they reference a few pics that are no longer available. Where are the micro switches I should be looking for? How should I go about testing them? Am I missing something obvious?

Thanks for any help, much appreciated.
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Sticky top of w/screen when you can't get the roof down?

Get rid of some of the must do's such as lubing hinges/latches/fluid level and checking fuses first.

There are some recent pics on this - search for krytox


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Thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely make sure to maintain top w/ lube and check levels thanks to the sticky. I found bazzle's post here about the RH switch:

I looked there for the switch but couldn't find it when I felt for it. Took panels off, and it turns out the thing had broken off for some odd reason (one of the tabs was bent in and the whole plastic assembly fell out of place) Not sure why this happened, but I suspect it is a result of the last time it when in for repair. Electrics still work when tested, so I got a new assembly from a junk yard for 5 dollars and replaced the electrics with my own from car. Everything back to normal.

I feel like I would be way over charged if I brought this thing in for a repair. Thanks to this forum and the helpful people on it, I spent 5 bucks and around 20 minutes of my time and I am back to cruising in the sun. Thanks.
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