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monthly battery drain

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the battery on my parents 190d seems to go flat about once a month or so, 3 times since they bought the car. they only do town driving, a long run maybe once a month. aftermarket parts include an alarm/immobaliser and a face off sterio, all fitted prior to purchase. it shows no signs that the battery is about to give up the next morning
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So they only drive it maybe once a month? Do they even start it up within that month? That might be the problem right there.
there is enough drain from the alarm and stereo memory to kill the battery in about 21-28 days. I wouls suggest a 1.8 solar powered battery charger that plugs into the cigerette lighter. If they park inside then purchase a small remote trickle charger that they plug in when the car is not used.
no sorry, i didnt explain very well.. they use the car pretty much daily,, around town, and maybe once a month take it out on a long run, but it is used daily. and once every few weeks the battery will just be randomly dead in the morning
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