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05 SLK 55,06 E55 AMG
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Has anyone seen these Momo FXL wheels? I am wondering if they are available for the SLK55.
I just have seen them this weekend, in duPoint Registry. I will attach a picture & info.

MOMO has long been the standard of the wheel industry with cutting edge designs, often duplicated by other companies. now it has entered into the upper echelons of technical manufacturing with the introduction of the forged xtra light (FXL), 3-piece road wheel. the center of the FXL utilizes a radial-forging process that uses 8,000 lbs. of pressure to form the shape of the disc. this process also aligns the crystalline structure of the alloy into a radial pattern giving the forging its great strength. then through precise cnc machining, the spokes are cut to shape creating what is to become another instant classic design. each center is machined for a specific application, producing an exact fit with out the need for hub rings. the center is then bolted to outers that are spun by computer-controlled machines providing precise tolerances. all of this exacting detail produces a wheel that weighs in at 26 lbs. for a 10.0 x 20. the standard finish for the MOMO FXL is chrome on both the center and outer. the center is also available in either a bright silver or gloss black finish.
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