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Smart Cars of America, LLC is very proud to introduce a revolutionary car accessory.
The Smart Car Rainman moisture safeguard system.

The first of its kind available through

The Smart Rainman is one of the most convenient automotive accessories you'll every have and you won't find them at any dealership

The Smart car Rainman moisture safeguard system is a must have car accessory for any automobile owner.

The Smart car Rainman system senses moisture via its gold receiver. The sensor is mounted at the base of the cars windshield and transmits an electronic warning sign to cars your power windows. The Smart car Rainman circumvents the ignition for power and raises your windows automatically.

With the Smart car Rainman you can lower your windows, a little during those hot days and not have to worry about rolling up your windows.

No more will you get into your car and be hit in the face with a sauna like heat blast as you open your car door. By letting in some fresh air, you'll also be protecting your vehicles leather seats from drying out by giving your interior more ventilation.

The Smart Rainman Torture Test...

Has taken the last 10 years to improve and perfect the Rainman system.

Only the best parts are used. We ran it through many torture tests including intense heat cycles, extreme cold tests and submersion in water. Because of our intense testing, Rainman comes with a full 1 year warranty.

How it works...

A tiny gold moisture sensing element is mounted on the exterior of your vehicle.

When the sensor detects moisture, it sends a signal to the Rainman CPU which is mounted under the dash.

CPU in turn, signals the control box that simply closes the power windows, moon roof and/or convertible top.

Everything you need comes with your Smart Car Rainman…

• Main Unit with Master Override Switch
• Sensor
• Control Cable
• Relay Pack
• Instructions
Everything you want is in the Smart car Rainman …
• Interior protection for your personal items
• Peace of Mind in bad weather
• Easy installation for


The Rainman installation system involves removing the driver side window control access panel to access the power window unit. The relay packs attach to the wiring inside the door panel. Additional relay packs may be purchased to control an additional set of windows or one relay pack may be used to control a sun roof or convertible top. If you can work a screw driver, you can install The Rainman.


Nominal 12v Operating Range

Draws only 8 milliamps in armed state


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I'd say its quite possible to adapt it for the SLK, would probably work great with the BVRC.

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there are several different units out there and i'm sure you can make it work. Most of them are used to close sunroofs and stuff too. for now im keeping my top up when im away from my ride.

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Looks like a handy device. I pretty much never leave my top down esp. not if it looks like there might be a chance of rain.

Went out to dinner with the wife one night in the SLK. Looked like there might be a chance of rain so the top of course goes up. We are walking in a notice a beautifle 65ish restored, covt. mustang. We just get under cover when it begins to pour. A minute later a guy comes running out of a resturant trying to get the top up as fast as possible. Sucked for him.
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