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i just finished doing some modification..Today i installed the 18' monoblock on 245/45 for low profile look. The car was tinted to 20%, which gave it the perfect tint, without looking too dark or too light.

Finally i installed bosch clear turn signals from

The car looks 10 times better now. After i was done with all these modification, i took it out of the garage for the first time to a gas station, and as i was filling gas, i got 2 compliments with in 5 minutes..

having said all that, i got few questions.

I just noticed at night when i turned the light on, the clear turn signal looked yellowish, looks like the old one. I know it has to do with the bulb.

What color would you guys recommend to get a the original yellow bulb...? white, blue, red? are any of these colors legal? can one buy them from local stores rather than online?

Finally, i was reading some reports that cars 90% of cars that say they need premium gas, dont need it. Unless the car is a turbo or really special car, then unleaded will do the same. I have always put premium, its a bit expensive, but if i dont really need it like these reports say, then why do...Any comments on that?

pictures comming soon by the way..
Just last night i changed my corner bulbs to orange. With my xenons, the white bulbs looked really pale.
Anyways, the orange bulbs have slight impact, however, the lights still look pale.

For gas, I only use 93. I dont go anything lower. Even if i have to eat 0.50cent noodles for dinner, i would still feed my car the best out there. But going one notch lower is your own decision, i say, if you love her, feed her the best. The book says the engine needs 91.

Post pic of your car, if you could...

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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