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Model year 2000 CL500 is lagging instead hard accelerating when floored, then seems to hiccup at 3500 rpm before releasing its power...Thoughts?

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Greetings all,

I hope everyone and their loved ones are doing well.

As mentioned above my 2000 CL500 is lagging (no kick-down) when accelerating with throttle floored, then seems to hiccup at 3500 rpm before releasing its power to redline.

Car seems OK otherwise and drives normally - just doesn't seem to 'give it up' like she used to when pushed.

I'm curious to see if anyone has experienced a similar symptom.

Love the car - Rides like a dream and it's always been a gem for the 12 years of ownership - But the above situation has me perplexed.

SEARCH function showed a couple of possible options, but nothing concrete so I'm inquiring with other owners or any auto mechanics here.

Throttle Actuator?
MAF sensor need cleaning or replacing?

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I'll have to check about codes later, but don't think so because there has been no CEL.

Did the TCU reset and although it feels better around town - when I got on the highway and put my foot down to merge - it felt flat, ie. no kick-down in gear or immediate response - then the car dawdled up to 3500 rpm - hesitated - and then took off.

Did a few drag runs on deserted roads in town and the same thing happened.

I am perplexed.
sounds like the gas pedal...especially with no kick down. get down there and check the 2 plugs. and then bite the bullet and buy a new one.
I thought that too and will check it out.

Research has me suspecting the MAF (something to do with mixed signals and incorrect fuel/air ratios) but it is far easier right now to look into the gas pedal.

What should I be looking for on the "2 plugs"?

and there is a pedal reset that you should view. i do not remember the sequence but it does the affect the driving style. i think you turn on the ignition the depress all the way including kick down, turn off the key and then release pedal. you should still go view a video though.
Did that (see above).
had the same problem on my 2002 cl500 never found out what it was

I see in your thread you know exactly what I'm talking about....I can assure you these cars are much better performers than what we are currently going thru.
Hopefully we will find a solution to this problem - sooner than later.

Greetings all,

I got down and looked at the kick-down switch to see if I could remove it - I couldn't, but I did manually click it a few times and the car has since behaved much better.

Got it on the highway and when I leaned on the throttle she felt much improved - No more dawdling, just rapid acceleration - Still had a bit of soft hiccup/change at 3500 that has me a little concerned, but overall the car is behaving more like its old self.

Many Thanks for all the helpful suggestions and I will post up any other changes later.

P.S. Hoping to see Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton win the 70th Anniversary GP at Silverstone...Cheers
I was quite happy to see RedBull's tire strategy work for them. Of course, not taking away from Max's contribution....
Yea, it was a very solid race performance for them and Max...The resurgence of Honda is great for the sport, so Ferrari and Mercedes may now have real trouble on their hands....Cheers.

P.S. Many Thanks for the CRC SensorKleen tip.
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