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Model year 2000 CL500 is lagging instead hard accelerating when floored, then seems to hiccup at 3500 rpm before releasing its power...Thoughts?

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Greetings all,

I hope everyone and their loved ones are doing well.

As mentioned above my 2000 CL500 is lagging (no kick-down) when accelerating with throttle floored, then seems to hiccup at 3500 rpm before releasing its power to redline.

Car seems OK otherwise and drives normally - just doesn't seem to 'give it up' like she used to when pushed.

I'm curious to see if anyone has experienced a similar symptom.

Love the car - Rides like a dream and it's always been a gem for the 12 years of ownership - But the above situation has me perplexed.

SEARCH function showed a couple of possible options, but nothing concrete so I'm inquiring with other owners or any auto mechanics here.

Throttle Actuator?
MAF sensor need cleaning or replacing?

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sounds like the gas pedal...especially with no kick down. get down there and check the 2 plugs. and then bite the bullet and buy a new one.
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and there is a pedal reset that you should view. i do not remember the sequence but it does the affect the driving style. i think you turn on the ignition the depress all the way including kick down, turn off the key and then release pedal. you should still go view a video though.
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