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mobile phone

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When my new ML arrives (probably june) I also want to buy a new mobile phone.
Which type of Nokia would be best to be compatible with the functions of the car ?
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Bluetooth MHI question

Both Bluetooth MHI Interface and MHI Cradle are now available in Canada. For those who got Bluetooth please help me on this one. Does the Bluetooth MHI Interface has a physical connection to the mobile telephone for charging it and switching on/off like the MHI Cradle?
The manual does specify this feature.
mikenj6 - 4/9/2006 10:39 AM


The BT module only connects via wireless connection. It does not charge the phone or use the external antenna of the ML. If your phone is low you will have to plus it into your car charger and using BT also drains the battery faster. I went with the craddle not the BT, so all I have to do when I get in is take my phone off out of my holster and clip it into the craddle, it will sync the phone book, charge the phone and use the external antenna to give a stronger signal.

Hi Mike,
Thanks for your reply. I never use my mobile phones (one in every car) except for emergencies or when expecting a call. The cradle will be my best choice, Motorola E-815 is the only one approved by MB for my Mobile Service (CDMA). I will install one in the next two weeks and probably I will start using my phone.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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