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ML's under the sun !

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Just finished some "lov" on my toys, interior and exterior.. sat and sun .. but is was worth it.. here the results...
hope you guys enjoy it.
Some pic's taken today in a great sunny day in Florida...
White ML 1998
Grey ML 2002
Shadow ACE 750 2001


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i´d like to be in florida right now...[:)][:)][:)][:)]

nice cars both of them - the painted bumpers really add class to the ML
Your '98 looks awesome with the newer rims.
You need to paint them bumpers !! Looks good though ... you gotta love Florida weather.
now I see difference between old and new tail lights

look good!

how big are those wheels?
grey ML 20's - white ML 17's (the ones that came with the grey) (when i changed them you could notice the difference immediatly on the handling of the car and the height)
i like the grey bumpers on the white, the look is more original.. (like to keep it as it came..)
thanks for the comments from the forum.. it's cool when it comes from people that own the same ride...
I like the grey on your white ML.

Nice pics. Now send us some when it is 90 degrees and raining. Hehe.
I like the alto grey bumpers and flares on the polar white also(I have a '99 that looks the same).Most ML's you see are usually all body color.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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