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Anyone seen this one? The Bose system in my 2000 ML55, "locks" up - stays on the same station - AM 680, won't turn off, won't adjust volume, won't change channel, won't switch to NAVI, TAPE, etc. The only way to fix is to pull fuse (its still good, not blown), restart car and enter radio code.

Also, the BOSE system will just go completely off while in use, with the solution , again, pull the fuse (still a good fuse), re-start engine, re-enter security code for radio. A real pain. It seems to happen when I use the cruise control , but I cannot re-create the problem by trying to re-create it, it just happens randomly.

The dealer, of course, typed out two sheets of the mechanics opinion, trying to convince me it was my problem, and the system was fine. Its happening with some frequency

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