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ML430 Sport?

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What are the differences between the regular ML430 and the Sport model?
I have a Sport, but have not been able to find a list of options.
Many thanks!
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I believe that apart from the sport bumpers (front and rear), side moldings/skirts and different alloy wheels the ML430 sport is just the same as the regular ML430.

I don't believe there are any suspension/transmission upgrades either on the ML430 sport.

To summise:

The monicker 'Sport' essentially denotes an appearance package.

Sport is the best looking IMO. Like the 55, but without the hood bulges that just look out of place to me.
....I don't believe hood bulges on my ML55 '..look out of place' any more so than a puny V6 engine does in a 4500lb truck.:rolleyes:
I think the stock wheels on ml55 look kinda lonely in there wider or not. The fender flares big for more.
I assume you mean beg for more?

IF so, I totally agree with you.

I find the stance a bit puny sometimes.

In my opinion, one of the best stock ML stances is that of the fenderless ML430 with it's stock 17" wheels.:thumbsup:

I'm currently saving up to purchase 20" wheels and spacers for my ML55.:)
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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