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Hello Everyone,

I am thinking about ordering a 2013 ML350 with Designo Porcelain. The patterned seats and door handles look gorgerous. However, I am worried about the headliner. From the pictures I saw on the web, as well as from the MB site, the headliner is of very dark color, possibly black. I know they may do this to make the white standout. However, I would prefer lighter headliners as it feels more open and spacious.

Since there are very few MLs out there with designo, let alone porcelain, it is almost impossible to see one in person. So far I only saw a ML550 with brown leather (not designo but close) and a ML63 with black leather designo. Both of them are of black headliner, which does not really appeal to me. The leather itself is dark already. The trunk area is also very dark. I don't feel comfortable sitting in them.

Porcelain maybe better as it is white and bright, even better with the panorama sunroof. However, I still hesitate to order it without seeing more details, especially how it feels with the dark headliner, and how the trunk area look.

Just wondering if someone with a Porcelain Designo ML350 can post some pictures of the headliner, and the trunk area? Really appreciate it!

I attach some pictures I found on the web. (And thanks Norway100 for his wonderful post). Please add more if you happen to come across them. Thanks.

Any advice, thoughts will be also appreciated! I am in the DC metro area. If anyone knows where/how I can see a ML 350 with Designo Porcelain, please let me know


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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