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ML320 Starter clicking once: No Ground?

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It's been about a month now since my ML finally quit starting. All ground wires are good. On my fourth starter of the year. It's a rebuilt one. Battery is good.

It seems the starter will work out of the vehicle but, once its installed I just get a single clicking sound once the key is turned...

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The power goes to the starter first from the wire hooked to the alternator or the small wire on the solenoid?:confused:
Positive wire from battery goes to alternator then to solenoid. The other solenoid pole is start signal (negative) given by your key start signal. Maybe take a look at attached diagram and mark down what wire are you talking about in case above does not answer your question.


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I thought he fixed it as well but then he posted again with a question in post #12. I just tried to help.
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