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ML320 CDI owner - First visit to dealer

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I visited my dealer today for the welcome service

My vehicle is less than 3 months old and has around 2000 miles.

I walked in with the following issues

1, Check oil level message
Dealer response : Mercedes Diesel engines consumes more oil during initial break-in period .Oil topped off
2, Steering vibration at highway speeds
Dealer Response : Tires out of Balance . Tires rebalanced
3, RPM increases and decreases when steering is moved during idling
Dealer Response : This is normal in diesel cars as Power steering consumes some power when steering is moved resulting in RPM variation . No action taken
4, RPM raises when the truck is slowed down by applying brakes.
Dealer Response : Normal with diesel engines.No action taken

Overall no reliability issues .High mileage recorded 26.9 , Low mileage recorded 16.8. Average mileage with 2000 miles 21.1(Combined city and Freeway driving - 75/25)

Very satisfied owner :thumbsup:
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That's all pretty accurate as far as I know. Mine went through 2 quarts in 10,000 miles. But when you stop to think about it, most vehicles change oil every 3,000 miles, so they would never see the loss. And we are carrying 2 extra quarts of oil. So even after the light goes on, you've got a long ways to go (a couple thousand miles?) before you reach the real low oil mark.

The increase in revs is really slick. I never knew that it was doing this until someone on this forum mentioned it. It's actually down shifting while breaking to add to the breaking affect (reduce pad usage) and make sure you are in the right gear to accelerate after breaking. This is awesome for city driving in heavy congestion. Great idea!

The power steering issue makes sense. It's just smart power management. I never noticed it. You are really in tune with your vehicle.

Good gas mileage. I was getting 22-25 mpg in a fairly congested drive for 20 miles and 5 miles of fairly open road. However I had a couple instances recently that I was hitting 29 mpg in less traffic. I'm over 10,000 miles now too. I've been told to expect better gas mileage sometime after 10,000 miles.

So the one surprise you wouldn't have seen yet is the puff of white smoke lasting 10-20 seconds. I hear it happens sometime after 10,000 miles, depending on your driving style, conditions, etc. It's a self-cleaning exhaust system. Another slick Mercedes idea.

I'm thrilled with the technology in these vehicles!
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