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ML320 CDI owner - First visit to dealer

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I visited my dealer today for the welcome service

My vehicle is less than 3 months old and has around 2000 miles.

I walked in with the following issues

1, Check oil level message
Dealer response : Mercedes Diesel engines consumes more oil during initial break-in period .Oil topped off
2, Steering vibration at highway speeds
Dealer Response : Tires out of Balance . Tires rebalanced
3, RPM increases and decreases when steering is moved during idling
Dealer Response : This is normal in diesel cars as Power steering consumes some power when steering is moved resulting in RPM variation . No action taken
4, RPM raises when the truck is slowed down by applying brakes.
Dealer Response : Normal with diesel engines.No action taken

Overall no reliability issues .High mileage recorded 26.9 , Low mileage recorded 16.8. Average mileage with 2000 miles 21.1(Combined city and Freeway driving - 75/25)

Very satisfied owner :thumbsup:
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I do, however, make regular pedal to the metal accelerations on freeway on ramps to help clean out the particle filter. (PS - If you don't do this once in a while, I've been told that you will "coke" up and restrict the flow in that filter; and you don't want to have to pay for replacement, if it plugs up completely.)
They are self cleaning as periodicaly engine systems change the fuel/air ratio for a bit to create extra heat in the exhaust system to burn out the trapped particulates.

If your particulate filter plugs--and you can prove you've used correct fuel and motor oil--it will be replaced under the 8-yr/80K mile emissions warranty.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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