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ML320 CDI owner - First visit to dealer

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I visited my dealer today for the welcome service

My vehicle is less than 3 months old and has around 2000 miles.

I walked in with the following issues

1, Check oil level message
Dealer response : Mercedes Diesel engines consumes more oil during initial break-in period .Oil topped off
2, Steering vibration at highway speeds
Dealer Response : Tires out of Balance . Tires rebalanced
3, RPM increases and decreases when steering is moved during idling
Dealer Response : This is normal in diesel cars as Power steering consumes some power when steering is moved resulting in RPM variation . No action taken
4, RPM raises when the truck is slowed down by applying brakes.
Dealer Response : Normal with diesel engines.No action taken

Overall no reliability issues .High mileage recorded 26.9 , Low mileage recorded 16.8. Average mileage with 2000 miles 21.1(Combined city and Freeway driving - 75/25)

Very satisfied owner :thumbsup:
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Just turned 2700 with our 2008 ML320 CDI. Had it in around 2,000 miles for first service. No issues repaired. We do have a creak in the windshield area, in our old one it was the plastic air intake vents. Of course, it didn't creak the day we had it in. No oil usage of note. Mpg: 34+ on a trip with long stretches of road and flat. Overall average at 28.7 with about 80% open highway. It was a little spooky putting in $95.50 of fuel but with a 700 mile range it is almost 1.5 times the mileage and 1.7 times the range of our 2000 M-Class.

Jim W.
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