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ML320 catalytic converter replacement

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So, I just found out that the catalytic converters are clogged on my ML and the shop says that they will only replace the whole unit front to back (no cut and switch). Their quote for the job: $1,700. They want about $1500 for just the parts. I was looking online though, and found a couple of aftermarket companies that sell direct OE fit cats and am wondering if they are of decent quality.

These are pretty cheap:
Mercedes ML320 catalytic converter 98 99 00 01 02 RIGHT - eBay (item 190470435351 end time Mar-19-11 09:53:21 PDT)

Also, these seem to be decent:
Mercedes Benz ML320 Eastern Catalytic Converter - 1998-2001 Mercedes Benz ML320 - Eastern EAST40461

I guess I'm curious how you distinguish a good catalytic converter from a bad one or whether one would be the same as any other. I live in Missouri, and we don't have emissions testing here, so I am not concerned about that.