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ML270 CDI High beam constantly ON

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I need help to diagnose the problem with my ML 2003. Basically when you turn on the lights to Auto or to low beam the high beam comes On. Sometimes it comes on for good so the only way to switch it off is to remove relay and sometimes it’s flashing on end off until I remove the relay.
I went for diagnostic last week but no faults and they suggested changing the stalk which I did (and relay) but problem is still the same. Also I have noticed that when I turn lights to Auto and open driver side door High beam comes on. Any ideas please?
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having simular problem did replacing the fuse box and aam solve your problem
Yes it helped but before that I have changed indicator stalk so i think you need to start from there.
having simular problem did replacing the fuse box and aam solve your problem
caveboyz, below is your first post in a thread that you originally started on your problem. I initially said that it was the combination switch, but after reading it again, I believe that you might have a problem with the AAM.

Follow steps 1, 3, 4 & 5 and pull up the fuse/relay box out of the plastic case. Turn the fuse/relay box over and place it on a folded towel. Then turn the key to position #2 or start the engine (depending on when the problem occurs).

Then with the handle of a screw driver, lightly tap both sides of the AAM and see if the problem occurs or disappears. Or press both sides with your fingers as baku did.


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21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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