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ML warning lights

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I've read so many possible reasons for warning lights on ML but none seem to fit my symptoms, can anyone help ? 2000 ML 270, 98000 miles.
warning sounded followed by BAS/ESP, ETS,ABS, Brake pad wear indicator,EPC & Brake lights all came on, speedo stopped, tiptronic & automatic not working remained in gear in use at time,engine revs thro full range, pulled over, switched off, re started all normal, approx 20 miles later all came on again. no sign of any leaks, brake fluid OK, pads OK. Asked Merc agents if Ok to drive to them & any idea of what problem & rough cost. Informed against Merc policy to give diagnosis without test & can't commit on whether safe to drive or not, Help !!
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Your truck is loosing speed signal. Don't drive it any further then to the workshop.
Yes. If transmission goes in limp home mode stop and restart engine.
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