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My son and my mother sit behind on my 02' ML320, they all complaint like sitting roller croster, my mother vormit after they come down. LOL.......:(

i plan to change my rear original spring to eibach pro kit, and lower abit my front tension bar.

it"s can solved my spring hardness and roller problem??
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how to test shocks? the 'standard' test for shocks is to push down on a 'corner' of the vehicle - vehicle should rebound back and stop. if it oscillates the damping is worn out - shocks should be changed.
this test is easier on small cars than on the ML - you migh need a beefy friend to help.
of course you can also tell when you hit a whooptiewoo driving down the road - if you bounce up and down more that 1.5 bounces new shocks likely in order.

if your passengers are complaining about getting thrown around.. maybe it is your driving?? (hehe)
going around the corners i always yell to my passengers (see photo below) -"HANG-ON DOGGIES!!"
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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