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ML shocks, what's the difference between 163-320-24-13 and 163-320-23-13??

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Looking at new Shocks for my 99 ML, whats the difference between 163-320-23-13 AND 163-320-24-13? I know the later chassis code vehicles call for the 163-320-23-13 but what is the difference between the two?

Different shock valving?
Different spring rate?
Different ride height?

The front shocks are also different by 1 number for the respective chassis codes. Would like to know the difference.

163-326-11-00 and 163-326-12-00 (called out for my 99)
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Go with Bilsteins. Much better ride than MB OEM shocks.
ok so the rear shock mystery has been solved now thanks to DETANE but what about the front shocks? Those also are different. Did those mounts change as well in 02? 163-326-11-00 vs 163-326-12-00

Also what was the purpose of changing the mount? Hmmmm.
Use Monroe Reflex shocks or Bilsteins for the front. Forget about all the MB over priced, bad ride shocks and struts. MB changes everything to keep making money off the replacement parts and service. But a lot of the things can be moded to fit.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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