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I bought myself a 2002 ML 500 , excellent condition and everything, but i find the navigation system a bit annoying.(I got used to this pioneer navigation system with the slide out screena nd 3d driver views, this winter)>

What would be the best option for an upgrade..I have the old standard mcs that came with the 2002 model with cdrom navigation drive.

1. take out the whole mcs and replace it with te new mcs 2.0 that possible???..or will it not fit?

2.Replace the exxisting cd rom with a dvd rom- is it possible to get and replace it with a 2006 dvd (used on the mcs 2.0?

3.Buy a different system and leave the factory fitted one in place- im thinking either pioneer or alpine- although where they would fit..i have no clue.

Any help appreciated!!
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