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ML Kids : Competition

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Time for some fun!

The first or closest (after midnight next friday night) guess of the exact date of my birthdate on this thread ..... will get this!
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Oh well... After 1 hour of attempting to upload ...... I'll post pics later ! (off to the flicks with my kid!)

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Can't open file for writing.

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WOW, very quick! ...... GONE!!!!!

..... PM me the Address!

... and now for the next one! ..... much harder .... and a real nice one! .

... got to make pictures first, and think of a real hard question!

mmmm... something impossible like "what's wolfgang's grandmother's maiden name?" .... just kidding!

Stay tuned!

PS: You might be asking why I am doing this! .... I AM TRYING tO TRAIN PEOPLE TO USE THE SEARCH FEATURE!!!!!
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No, That was fair play!.... It's up to anyone to use whatever means he needs to come up with the answers!

Good call! Fast off the mark! Well Done!

I have another model (Also new!) that I'll postg soon! .... but It will be a real hard question that won't be easy to find out!

PS: Marcel, What country, City?, Street?,
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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