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I have a 2002 ml270.
I have fitted a Comand from an E-class.My understanding was that my car was pre-wired for the gps antenna.
There is a gromet in the roof,beneath that is a threaded hole.Under the roof lining there is a rg58 cable alrady connected.
Behind the radio there are two rg58 cables .One has a phone connector,the other has a connector that is normal for gps.
I purchased a 163 820 15 75 antenna.this appears to be wrong.It has a different connector than is compatable with the one on the roof.It also has three wires coming from it.It looks as though the antenna I need would have no wires and simply screw into the roof.Is this a phone antenna plu and wiring or gps?
Which antenna should I purchase?
Is my pre-wiring for gps or phone?
what are the two connectors behind the radio connected to?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Best regards

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If you have a MY2002 car (indicators in the mirrors), there should be 2 aerial cables up...

If you have a MY2002 car (indicators in the mirrors), there should be 2 aerial cables up there in the back of the roof , which plug into the gps/gsm combined aerial (which actually has 3 sockets on it)

One cable goes to under the right hand front seat (for the phone stuff), one to behind the radio (gps)

On pre MY2002 cars, there is only 1 cable that goes from the aerial to the front, and splitters/combiners need to be used.

MB dealer should be able to find the correct parts for your car ... I presume that if you dont want phone and gps, then you dont bother with the splitter - you just need the correct aerial for the age of your car

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