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ML 55 woes

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2001 ML 55 AMG, the wifes truck.
#1 the anti lock brake light comes on.
the dealer wants 600 bucks to fix it.
#2 we just put new pads and rotors on last year and at or around 19k they are both needing replaced again and 1300 bucks.
has anyone had the trbl with antilock, is it something that can be fixed?? and are the brake parts available to do it myself, is it worth messing around.
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Is the ABS functioning at all - try braking hard on slippery surface.

Simply becasue the ABS light is on doesn't mean there's no ABS. Typical example, sometimes the BAS, ESP, ABS would come on becasue of faulty brake switch while all three functions are working just fine.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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