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ML 350 or E320 T 4-Matic

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Hi there
I am in the market for a new MB. But I am not sure if I would be more happy with a ML350 or with a E320 4-Matic Wagon? I don't really need a SUV, so a 4-Matic would be ok. What would you do?
Thanks for your adwise.
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Hold out a little bit longer if you can! The 06 E should be coming with the new 350 engine. The 05 ML 350, while nice, will be dated once the new body ML hits showrooms.

This changes the field entirely. Some improvements to the E and a BRAND NEW ML.[:p]

Personally, I'd have to test drive both. I'd first go against the ML since it's brand new and we all know the of the ML problems that were in the previous models. However, quality controls have been improved, and the new ML is gorgeous.

The E is also beautiful. I am not a big wagon fan, but when I see one with 18" wheels and the HIDs [:p] again.

This is a GREAT problem to have. I'd probably go with the new ML. It just looks too badass.

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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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