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I have a 2012 ML 350...Just purchased at beginning of December, with 75k miles. Everything was great the 1st 2 weeks and then started having some issues with hesitation. At 1st I thought maybe transmission or drive shaft, so I took it into dealer and they had it for 5 days, but couldn't duplicate issue.

Brought it home and it did it to me the next day. This time I started tracking when it would happen and the conditions...I found it happens when I've been driving a while and then have small stops and starts or have to idle for several minutes (think school pickup line). No check engine lights come on and no codes show up when dealer plugs it in. We are fairly certain it's a fuel issue.

Is this something anyone else has encountered? Does it sound like maybe it's a fuel pump issue? I know it could possibly be a coil, but it's so it only happens under the conditions I mentioned, and I think a coil or spark issue would be more constant...not sure though.

Oh, it hesitates when accelerating in gear...under a load. Sometimes it's several in a row that jerk the car and other times it's just once. Sometimes after the hesitation it stops for a while.

Any thoughts?

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Welcome to BW ron_in_oc,

You're in the wrong forum ron.
This is the w163.
You own a w166.
The forum index is organized / grouped according to chassis designation, usually a letter followed by 3 digits / numbers, and sections cover all engine / versions the chassis came with.

To find the forum section = chassis for your car, please click FIND YOUR FORUM SECTION

Moving you along to the w166.

Your hesitation can be a possible misfire.
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