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ML 320 (2001)
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Car Type: ML 320 (2001)

Issue: Check Engine\ Secondary Air Pump

History: Last year I left the car alone for 2 months while I was out of country. When I came back the car didn't recognized me. Battery dies (I fixed), then the check engine light got on. Dealer said, 'Drive, No problem'. Now, it's time to do inspection.

Dealer replaced the air pump, clear the code. After driving 70 miles I took it for inspection - Failed to read. 7 days later the light came back. Clear the code and take it to inspection after driving 100 miles. Failed to read.

From my observation, I have noticed that, the light comes back after exactly 7 days. That is the time when they can read during the inspection.

So, I am stuck. Replace the air pump didn't fix the problem. Switch around the Relay didn't stop the light to come back. Now, the inspection reader can't read while light is not on yet. I am sure it will come back on Saturday afternoon when it is exactly 7 days from clear the code.

Experts, Please Advise. Thank you.
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