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2000 E55 amg, 2004 ML270
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A few weeks ago I was driving on the highway with cruise control on and when I tried to accelerate enough for it to do a kick down the car died, just completely shut off. Stopped and it started right up but I felt the idle was a bit rough, not very noticeable but just not as smooth as before.
Since then the car sometimes cranks 1 or 2 seconds longer than it used to and idle is sometimes a bit rough as well.

So took apart intake tubes from intercooler to egr and airbox going towards the turbo suction side a few days ago. Oil was dripping out of the egr valve and also from turbo suction side there was a nice little puddle.
Looked at the shaft and there was play side to side and up and down but not in and out as I can remember.
Maybe a bit to fast of a conclusion I ordered a turbo rebuilt kit ( around 150USD + gaskets and a few screws)

But after checking forums and also remembering a video I saw about the flaps on the intake im starting to change my mind.
Is it the intake flaps that are stuck or worn? Or the pcv thats maybe letting a bit to much oil pass?

Havent gotten the rebuilt kit yet but maybe not worth it?

Whats your opinion?
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