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ML 350 drivetrain / transmission backlash

After searching the forum I would be grateful for any help with an annoying problem on my 25,000 mile 2005 ML 350 (w163) which seems to have a drive train fault. Once warmed up the car "snatches" when gently accelerating and decelerating in slow moving traffic. This is accompanied by a clunk underneath the car when gently speeding up and another when realeasing the accelerator and slowing down. It feels as though something heavy is sliding backwards and forwards. Sometimes the effect is very pronounced, particularly at higher speeds when slowing down and then accelerating to overtake for example. The same noise/feeling although more muted can also be heard when stationary and shifting between drive and reverse - it is more harsh when going from reverse to drive. I previously owned a 2003 ML350 and never experienced anything remotely like this. The car is under warranty but after 3 visits (can't be replicated, need a technician etc) my MB dealer insists it happens on some W163's and mine is one of the better ones - read I should put up with it. I feel they just dont want to get their hands dirty. Has anyone else had this experience and reported it to MB? If so I would be grateful for any pointers as to how the issue was fixed or resolved. Many thanks.
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