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Missfire when hot

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Hi guys, I've not been here much lately owing to the 190E needing some final touches before my Brands hatch trackday on tuesday. I still have one problem that is bothering me though. It missfires when hot but only at idle, fine when cold or warming up.

Spark plugs, HT leads, dist cap and rotor are all fairly new and in good condition. New injection temp sensor, new fuel distributor head. swapped ignition ecu and 3 injectors. I have changed the head gasket this weekend, cleaned valves and lapped in with new stem seals.

I have diconected the HT leads one by one to isolate faulty cylinder but all are firing. Did the same with injectors but again all fine. I plan to check the fuel/air mixture tommorrow but this was done by another garage recently. (apparently.)

I know this cars pretty well but now I'm running out of ideas and may have overlooked something obvious. Any ideas????

Just as a point of interest with my hadling issues , Steering geometry set up, Steering box tightened, 124 sway bar fitted and WOW!!! what a different car. It feels so much more confident in corners now.