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So Ive got an invoice here for my 2000 S500 in the total of $6,775.93 from the local Advanced Auto Care. Dont give me shit about going to a goodyear store, I personally know the two owners as they used to specialize in MB, Lexus and BMWs. So heres the list:

  • Alignment:
    -Four Wheel alignment with caster, camber, and toe in
  • Serpentine Belt and Tensioner:
    -$456.59 Total
    -Belt- $59.02
    -Belt Tensioner- $296.48
    -Labor- $128.09
    I thought that "whine" was just the MB sound, apparently its a bearing in the tensioner pulley.
  • Front Brakes:
    -$595.56 Total
    -Parts Cleaner- $7.99
    -Front Brake Pads- $104.52
    -Front Brake Rotors- $319.50
    -Brake Pad Sensor- $15.75
    -Labor- $128.09
    Im thinking about doing the brake job myself, that is also using different pads and rotors then whatever stock stuff they had. Any recommendations?
  • Brake System Flush:
    -$89.00 Total
    -Brake Fluid- $79.96
    -Labor- $9.05
  • Spark Plugs and Wires:
    -$957.21 Total
    -Spark Plugs- $207.36
    -Plug Wires- $375.44
    -Labor- $374.41
    Aren't they 100,000 mile irdium plugs? I'm inclined to say no.
  • Fuel Filter:
    -$161.31 Total
    -Fuel Filter- $82.49
    -Labor- $78.82
    Could probably use a filter considering how long it sat, but 90 bucks in labor?
  • Fuel Injectors
    -$159.00 Total
    -Cleaner- $15.99
    -Service Kit- $45.99
    -Labor- $97.02
    Again... 100 buck labor?
  • Alas... AIRMATIC!
    Ahh the topic of interest, and highest pricing. According to the technician, when the car was raised and then lowered again, both front shocks collapsed. The front driver's shock is 1 year old and has a faulty solenoid and a possible leak. He said he could raise and lower every shock except that one. Im going to take it back to Bertini's and have them do something about it because a one year old shock failing is unacceptable. The passenger front has a leak, I knew that before. I'm planning on ordering Arnott's, which the technician advised against, so whatever. How hard is it to replace the shocks, yes I am mechanically inclined/have a garage full of tools. But now to the pricing...
    -$3715.44 Total
    -LF Strut Assembly- $1750.00
    -RF Strut Assembly- $1660.00
    -Labor- $305.44
    He told me he would put on the Arnott's for $310 a shock if I brought them to him, so we'll see.
Anyways Its back home in the driveway... awaiting future repairs. Thanks for any opinions, suggestions, or advice!

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There are a lot of items on your list. You did not list your mileage, does the car need everything listed or you just want to do it all in one service and get it over with?

Based on past experience, the prices your friends quoted you aren't that far off from an MB Dealer.

1999 S500 W220
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I am in Australia and some of the part prices and labour seem a little high even for Australia were we get ripped off for this work (especially the dealers). The online parts places like Autohausaz and carstuff are your best bet. You will be supprised what pricing you can get and these parts are OEM or genuine (mercedes is not a part manufacturer). The labour for the sparkplugs is crazy. I changed the plugs on my S500 in a 2 hours and I had to remove leads. For the milage I would not change leads unless there was a genuine problem. Check out the prices online (tensioner belt for example $122 and rotors $100 ea AUTOHAUSAZ free del). Go with the Arnotts struts lots of good stories about them and some instructions on this forum to install them.

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lots of those prices are highly inflated.

If you lived by me, I could probably get all that stuff done for half, if not even less.
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