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Mirrors with Binkers

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Hi guys

I was wondering if anyone has installed those mirror with the blinkers on them which are available on all new Mercs. was just wondering if anyone has made a post on how you can install them and whether you still retain all the functions such as the mirrors folding in. I am considering buying a pair off the net, they are not cheap so i wanted to know if anyone has done it before sucessfuly.
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Thanks for the info, the ones im purchasing of E-bay are white and they have to be repainted as well. I saw a picture of someone who done it the car was white and it looked very elegant. I am probably going to buy them but let a auto electrician install them as i have no idea how the wiring goes when installing them to the blinkers
Thanks for the advice i might not get them after all. I have 1994 S320 how can i tell if it is a post or pre vehicle, compliance date is 07/1994
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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