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Mirrors with Binkers

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Hi guys

I was wondering if anyone has installed those mirror with the blinkers on them which are available on all new Mercs. was just wondering if anyone has made a post on how you can install them and whether you still retain all the functions such as the mirrors folding in. I am considering buying a pair off the net, they are not cheap so i wanted to know if anyone has done it before sucessfuly.
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I purchased mine off ebay and found the instructions on how to connect on this site. Couldn't find anyone willing to connect them to make ithem work proper.

I ended up taking a passenger mirror out backing out of my garage, so I had to purchase a new mirror/motor ($395) and installed myself. Crushed the new blinking mirror that never worked had to replace with the previous one and now have one blinking mirror dover (not working) and a reguler non-blinking cover on the passenger side.

After I replace the rotors and pads on my 1998 S320, I will attempt again, by purchasing the blinking mirrors again, get them painted, maybe this time I will install myself and have someone with the instructions I got of this web site conncect the blinking mirror. Just try a search under "Blinking Mirrors" and you should get the instructions.

OEMs are better quality, just had to say that, as the new ones vibrate a little when in motion, the OEM one's are rock solid.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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