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Mirrors with Binkers

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Hi guys

I was wondering if anyone has installed those mirror with the blinkers on them which are available on all new Mercs. was just wondering if anyone has made a post on how you can install them and whether you still retain all the functions such as the mirrors folding in. I am considering buying a pair off the net, they are not cheap so i wanted to know if anyone has done it before sucessfuly.
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I played with the idea of those mirrors for a while until my tech guy (a former electric specialist at the dealership) advise me against it.

He says that the electrical system on W140s are more fragile than an endanger ecosystem on a tropical forest. Anything that you may add to it will certainly give you trouble sooner or later.
I have seen some companies in Germany that offer both mirror types (pre and post-facelift) with blinkers. Not sure about e-bay.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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