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Mini review: 328 vs C320

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I got my new C320 last week, having come from a 1998 328i. Here's some more thoughts on this after w week's driving: in more or less random order.<p>In a few words: The Benz is more like a 5 in the way it feels (comfort), but more like a 3 in the way it handles. It feels faster than the 328i and as fast as the 330 for some reason (the figures say it is slower). Probably due to the smoother curve. It hesitates slightly when you start off, and that is a minus; but it is smoother and very torquey once it gets moving. I like the feel; it allows me the sporty drive I like but my family say they're more comfortable. It's a very quiet ride also and I love the (optional) roof: I get much more light in the front passenger compartment.<p>The finish is as good: interior somewhat better and more functional, and I am partial to the wood; but the leather feels cheaper, and instrument cluster slightly cheaper looking also; on the whole, therefore, I'd say equivalent. I do like the central display (the on board computer on the BMW was in the centre of the console; on the Benz it is right in view, behind<br>the steering wheel).<p>The electronic and other systems, to my feel, work better. Eg the auto wipers are perfect; on a BMW they are, I think, not as good. The cruise control comes on without any passenger noticing; on the 1998 328i it was always noticeable (it would slow down slightly until I upped it). I love the Xenon lights (option). The auto-dimming mirror is superb. The seat memories<br>are an absolute "must-have" (I did not have these in the BMW). The auto garage door opener is handy too.<p>In the C320, I have more space than in the 328. So do the passengers. It's slight but it feels significantly bigger. The star at the front feels good; something to aim for. I always like seeing the bonnet, and with the star, you do. :)<p>The ESP and similar systems work as well as they did in the BMW. They kick in when required and not before. (I've played with them a bit so I know).<p>Love the tiptronic. Makes it practical to downshift manually. On the 328 it was not (too easy to pull too far back). This is one reason the car is equivalent. Wnat to accelerate? No kickdoen needed: A slight tip to the left and gently throttle up and away you go.<p>The Bose sound system is not that superb. Missing bass. But it is intelligent enough to turn the sound down when you slow down to idle.<p><Hearsay on, FWIW:><br> The Mercedes, according to all, holds its value better.<br> The Mercedes has more status.<br> The Mercedes is safer in a crash.<br><Hearsay off><p>A few minuses of the Mercedes:<p>The manual is badly written. I am not stupid but it<br>takes me forever to understand what they mean..<p>That start off delay is somewhat annoying. It is not<br>that big a deal; my driving style is adjusting. The<br>throttle down while upshifting is in fact not at<br>all annoying and is a plus: smoother drive).<p>The car nannies a bit; eg the back doors remain closed<br>until the driver opens his door or hits a button.<br>Good for kids, but silly for adults.<p>You cannot hook up non-Mercedes radios and CD players.<p>No toolkit, or it is well hidden. <br>No way to tie down things in the trunk.<p><br>On the whole, the space, the excellent funcionality, the tiptronic, and the feeling of smooth torque and great comfort are definitely worth the switch to me. I'll live with the few minuses. (And I can and do go screeching around corners when no-one-s watching. :)<p>Michael<br>
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Hi, I just bought a new 2001 C320 with the Sprt Package, but I didnt get a CD player because I was planning on putting in an Alpine monitor where the CD player would be. Are you sure you can't put in non Mercedes CD players???
CD player 3rd party

> Are you sure you can't put in non Mercedes CD <br>> players???<p>Not quite sure but I get that impression. If I can, where would I get them? What would they be?<p>MW<p>
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