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Hi all,
Been reading this site for a while now as I plan do buy my dream car in the very near future.. C220 sport saloon. I only want to buy from an approved Mercedes dealer.. I'm a bit of a worrier so I would rather pay a little more for the added security.

Looking for advice on mileage really and as I've never owened a merc before just wondering what at the things to look for.

Basically I'm after a c220 sport saloon, originally i have been looking at cars around 3yrs old with 20/30k moles. I'm living in the newcastle region and for some reason there is nothing cropping up in my price bracket with less than 30k miles on. (there are a few down in london that are perfect but I really don't like the thought of a 5 hr drive to then maybe see something I don't like with the car)

There is 1 locally that to be honest looks fantastic... 2010 plate so newer than what I have been looking at but it has 57k miles.
Instantly I have been ruling this out, but in truth is that really a problem? I'm instantly ruling out this car due to its 'high' mileage but as I have never had a Mercedes was looking for some advice for you guys and some watch outs maybe that I need to look for?

Thanks in advance
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