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hello everyone!

i am being influenced by a couple friends to buy a 1998 MB e300 TD sedan. i'm really encouraged by the highway mpg because my current vehicle on gets 25mpg and so it would be a bonus but i have some questions that they cant really answer for me and i wanted a straight answer from people with nothing invested.

the car has 155,xxx miles. the exterior is in impeccable condition and the interior looks good too (from what i can see anyways).

what i do know: one owner vehicle, no accidents, not much other info in the carfax.

1. what should i be concerned about for late or future scheduled maintenance for a car at this age/mileage? (suspension, exhaust, timing belt/chain, flushing of this or that, replacing of this or that, etc)
2. what are known problems with this car at this age/mileage?
3. how expensive of a car is this to upkeep in general. consumer reports doesnt go back that far so i dont know what to expect?
4. what would be an honest price?

if this isn't in the correct forum subcategory please move it.

thanks for any and all help!
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