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I bought a second hand MB100. I am happy with it. I had numerous problems with dry joints in electrical wiring which I fixed. The van runs well and I only have a few enquiries.

I have been using the van for a job that I have just recently left but I am retaining the van for private use now.

I have found that first start of a morning needs me to wait for about 40 seconds before I kick it over. This is no real problem.

I had a loose exhaust pipe and some issues with having to jiggle the gear shift to get it started sometimes but I am accustomed to this and I have fixed the exhaust pipe.

I Love the interior design and the way the van feels on the road. The Van is just what I want.

The only issue I have now is the brakes seem sluggish even after bleeding and replacing pads. I am working on this and this is why I have come to this forum at this stage.

I feel that the design is good and the performance is good.

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Welcome to Benzworld, we do not have a sub forum for the MB100 but general mercedes may be the best place for this, I will move this thread there. Hope you get replies.
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