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Flying Dog Garage 238 W. Mosel Ave Kalamazoo, MI 49004 (269) 345-6780 Car and Auto Repair Kalamazoo, Foreign and Import Vehicle Specialists

Normally I do all my own service work on my 83 380sl. The car is a low mileage survivor in unbelievable condition and I'd like to keep it that way. I've had too many bad experiences with other vehicles that I've brought to dealerships for minor service or warranty work.

The 380 developed an idle issue that, due to the complexity of the troubleshooting procedure and tools required, I felt compelled to bring it to a local indy shop. I had been to Flying Dog Garage with the 380 a couple years ago for a basic inspection of the car and to gauge it's general health. The car was not in dire need of service but some things were pointed out that may need addressing in the future. Anyway, back to the idle issue.

Greg diagnosed the idle issue while ruling out unnecessary repairs to the system. I felt very confident that he was on the right track and I authorized him to order a quality replacement part. After installing the part and thoroughly testing the car, it appears the idle issue is solved and in my opinion, the idle hasn't been this good in a few years.

My car was well cared for and returned to me in perfect condition. I would definitely recommend Greg Minnick at Flying Dog Garage for service on MB cars.

Best regards, Jack
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