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Rare 1964 UNIMOG Doka U900. <nope 4 door cab. Ford 300 Inline 6. Very Clean, New Paint, Extra Capacity Gas Tank, US Registered. Will provide assistance to import if necessary.

This truck has been driven infrequently since i purchased it in 2005. One 400 mile road trip otherwise it was doing light work on the ranch. Well maintained with a new paint job this truck is in great running condition. Originally imported from Georgia in USSR to California.

This truck is the original toughest truck ever and will get you absolutely anywhere you want to go. Rock Climbing, Desert, Water, Mud, Ranching or if you need to move a Boeing 747 call now. <well if it was a real U900 TUG maybe...

MEX 52 six12. one34. 9nine0seven.

US 2zero3. eight71. 3one4five.
- John
Think I'm getting cynical in my old age ;)

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