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Method for Installing Seat Back

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Is there a method for putting a new seat cover on the seat back? Its looking like I might to be Arnold Schwarzenegger to stretch it up tight enough.

Please ignore the sharpie marks. They're for the holes for the head restraint. One of them is off and now I have to figure out get sharpie of leather.


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Is there a thick cardboard strip at the edge of that upholstery? If so, lay a piece of plywood across the black frame and kneel on the plywood to provide enough slack in the upholstery. The cardboard strip is supposed to tuck once then slide into the groove in the frame.

It looks like your horsehair pads are in good shape - mine were trashed so I had to get new pads. I used a local shop to build them up. Lots of hot rod talent in ABQ so custom interior work is easy to come by.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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