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I've just done the check strap replacement on a rear door, and it is quite manageable.

First thing you need to do is order a new front door check strap from your local dealer. Cost me €25.

You then need to remove the door liner. This may be the tricky bit.

Essentially the liner is held in place with:-

-One plastic trim surrounding the lock mechanism (1 screw)

-One screw located in the recess of the armrest, and covered by a small plastic cap. Pry out cap with a small screwdriver, to reveal screw. Unscrew..

-2 screws located behind the curved wood trim. First pry out the wood trim from the side with the straight edge using a plastic flat implement to reveal 2 x 10mm hex screws. Remove screws

-Plastic poppers around the periphery of the door. Unpop them by prying gently using a flat plastic implement.

-Then lift the door liner away by upward movement so as to clear the door lock button (on top of liner)

-Disconnect the door handle link (thin metal rod) from the handle by pulling it sharply upwards.

-Disconnect the electrical window switch connector

-Disconnect the door light connector.

Door liner now OFF!

You will now need to remove (for me that meant 'tear') the moisture barrier to access the check strap body. This assembly is bolted in three positions, two on the inside wall of the door, just above and below the actual strap, and the third inside the moisture barrier.

On the other end of the strap attached to the door pillar, first remove the rubber boot. Then prise the circlip from the end of the retaining pin (don't let it fly!). Remove the pin by tapping gently with a hammer.

That's the removal first bit over. To replace, just work backwards.

With the correct tools, the remaval and replacement will take an amateur about 2-3 hours.

If you need help, just PM.

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