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Dear Guys!
Please could someone help me to the following problem? Recently I bought Mercedes-Benz C180 (petrol standard engine) production year 2002 (W203).
After two weeks I should drive more than 4,000km to get to home. However, I am afraid for the following. In certain point (1200-1500rpm) when I push the gas pedal I can listen ‘metal’ knocks from the engine. This sound is not possible to listen when you push up than 1500rpm. In general it goes very fine, starts normally, the power is good. But in any case, I am afraid could you tell me what it could be and is it dangerous to drive 4,000km until I get to home?
I took the car to Benz service they just looked very quickly and said everything is okay this sound is typical for these models :| however I do not thing that these sound is okay.

Thank you in advance!
With Best Regards,
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