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Metal cleaner

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Has anyone used this product, metal
It looks interesting to me, especially the multi metal aspect.:cool:
All opinions welcome.:)
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SHOOTER15 said:
Hey BenzToy !....I like the looks of that P. Dog on your post !....some of my buddies and I trek out to S.Eastern Co. every year to "assist" in the control of these rodents and it's a ball ! love to see us coming ! for the polish, I have used it with mixed results, it does real well on some stainless and chrome parts on my Harleys but as of yet I've not tried it on anything on the SL.
I have a friend who tells me it works great on his Porsche in all areas it is recommended for.......maybe some others can tell you a little more.
.......that is ONE FAT P.DOG ! : ) L.O.L. "SHOOTER"
He was ready for winter. We have about a 15 acre P. dog town right in front of work, and some of them are almost tame. That picture was taken about 25 feet from the front entrance to our building. We have people come by every year and vacuum them up.
The metal cleaner looks very interesting to me so I am going to order one of their kits.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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