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Message to Frank: Is this board linked? (more).

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First of all, I just got around to checking out the other CLK boards. Your board looks great Frank! And it definatly has some different things that make it unique from the other boards! There are also a lot of great users on here and great posts. I wish you much success!<p>I noticed that the format of the discussion forums is a little similar to Vanos's site. I also noticed that some of the posts seem the same and there are many of the same people here as well as on the other. Are you and Vanos working together? If not, are you and Vanos ever going to link the discussion forums? You guys both already show a great deal of goodwill and professionalism by cross posting on each other's boards as it is! Perhaps you could have a "post" "preview" and add a "post on this and linked boards" button. This way people could post on one board and get all of this great information on one stop. It would eliminate the duplications (between this and Vanos's board) and the posts I see that I am missing from your great users. Because your board has unique things that set it apart from Vanos, people will still be drawn to it on its own. Only the discussion forums would be linked.<p>
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Sorry for the late reply...more

Thank you for your comments. Mr. Vanos and I aren't working<br>together but we help each other out. All the forums on this<br>site will be replaced. Check out <a href="">New board</A><p>We aren't linked together. It could be done but maybe in a<br>later time. Both this and Mr. Vanos' site is new so maybe<br>in the future.<p>Thanks for your support.<p>Frank<br>
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