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Hi fans and motor heads of Mercedes !!! ..

I am having a major headache with my sprinter Van its a 313cdi 2004/5 ( same as a 311cdi) almost.

Problem is .. my blower fan is working great, and had a guy look at the heater system a few days ago ( the Van is a recent purchase ) and he couldnt figure out the problem as to why the HOT air is not coming thru into the cab area, but he fiddled about a tiny bit with the with the electrics and exchanger behind the near side front head light, and got the Cold air too .. its only timid warmish air on the passenger side!! ... Help .. Help .. please ..

I`d love to warm up the cab, not just give the hint than thats more air in the world .. !!! aaarrgghh !!

I require a fast .. and cheap fix as im on the road .. almost 7 days a week ..

heres the break down of checks done and methods to use.

1. the switch had been checked - the dash had been opened and levers checked and blower heater switch is fine and working, and so is the blower.

2. the front grill had been removed .. and the exchanger behind the front left side ( as sitting behind streeing wheel view ) has been by-passed ...

3. the pump for water on the firewall has been exchanged and checked and is working fine.

4. the heater when in full working mode is selected for HOT .. and in Screen and or Cab heat mode is selected, it is only blowing very "timid warm" air on the passenger side ..


Many Regards if you guys/ gals can help .. im based in East london.
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