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Hello, i'm happy to say that i own the Mercedes WIS & ASRA 2008 and in two days i will have the WIS & EPC too. I used the WIS & ASRA for a week now and i'm AMAZED.... I can sell copies of WIS&ASRA 2008 for 30$(+shipping cost). The pack contains 2 DVDs(main program) and a CD (installation instructions and manual) .

As for the WIS & EPC i would like some information about their use and i will come up with a price when it arrives. This is 5 DVDs but i dont know its exact usage (the EPC part).

P.S. The WIS & ASRA contains 8 languages in the menu and interface too. I use it English though cause it doesn't contain Greek...

P.S. 2 For selling arrangements PM me.
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