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I daily commute on a route where there are ceveral radarcamera's. One road is a few KM's long and it's safe to drive a little faster then allowed but you can't because it's in a city. Cityhall ofcourse claims that the radarcamera's improve safety (altho I regulary see a crash along side of those camera's) but their motive's are clear, money.

I'm sick of this and I finally decided I want a radar detector.

I'm in the process of purchasing a CL55 and want to purchase a radardetector with it. Preferably I wan't a window mounted one because it won't require making holes in the dash and such.

I've also read about new type windshields disturbing radarsignals making the use of a radardetectors impossible. The heat refelecting foil in the windscreen deflects radar so much that you cannot pick it up anymore thus you require a remote mounted (under the hood) radar detector. Mercedes also has heatreflecting windscreens.

Does anybody know if the Mercedes windscreens deflect radar and does anybody have experience with remote mounted radar systems?

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